Last update: 10/25/2021

How do I handle my Totenpass?

  • There is a thin protective film on the data side of the card. You can remove this by placing a scotch tape on an edge and pulling that off.
  • To prevent getting fingerprints on the data, handle the card by its sides.

How do I clean my Totenpass?

  • Treat the Totenpass like a pair of glasses for cleaning.
  • Use a soft lint free cloth such as microfiber. Microfiber cloths dry effectively and trap oils without smearing. Make sure there are no debris on the cloth.
  • Use an eyeglass cleaner to spray on the Totenpass and wipe off gently with the cloth.

What can I do about a scratched card and can I get a replacement?

  • Unfortunately, there is no remedy for scratched surface. During read back, information could still be recovered if the scratches are slight.
  • Before shipping your Totenpass, we complete a full inspection of every card for scratches and defects. If for any reason, your card has been received with a defect, let our customer service team know and we will replace your card.
  • If for any reason the card is damaged after you have received, we will not provide a free replacement.

How should I store my card?

  • Store your card in its original leather case and remember to handle it by its edges.
  • For the credit card size cards, you could find a number of credit card holders that don’t touch the surface of the card.

How many files /pages can I store on one card?

  • Totenpass gold engraving technology has a resolution of 25,000 dpi which easily allows for the storage of 2,196 pages on a credit-card sized Totenpass and 3,894 pages on the larger version. From a practical perspective, we recommend no more than 100 pages for ease of viewing without the aid of a computer or smartphone.

Is it possible to store files on the front and back of the card?

  • Currently, we leave the back of the card blank. We may contemplate adding custom logos or lettering. If you would like to label the cards you can do so during the ordering process and the label will be engraved on the data side (front of the card).

Can I make changes to my drive (add/remove files) once my order is placed?

  • Once your order is placed, we run that job immediately through our encoding system so it is not possible to make any changes to the drive composition.

How long will Totenpass Inc. hold on to my data? Will anyone at your facility have access to the files I uploaded?

  • Any data which reaches our servers is encrypted and processed automatically. Once a card has been produced, all incoming data associated with the order is purged aside from the customer email address, order number, and payment information.
  • This means that you cannot order a duplicate drive from a previous order.

Can I edit or crop my images once they are uploaded?

  • Our online editing tool does not allow for cropping or editing. We suggest to have your photos and documents ready in their final state before uploading.

What formats can I upload?

  • For images you can upload jpg, png, tiff, and bmp.
  • For documents you can upload pdf files.

For the QR encryption, how do I know my passphrase content is secure?