Roy Sebag


Roy Sebag is the Founder of Totenpass. An entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in the technology, precious metals and investment management industries, his foremost goal for the past decade has been the empowerment and education of savers through the democratization of precious metals by means of modern technology.

Mr Sebag founded Goldmoney Inc. (formerly BitGold) which remains the world’s largest precious metals savings and payments platform. He recently founded Mene Inc. with Diana W. Picasso, a direct-to-consumer jewelry brand which sells pure gold and platinum jewelry by gram weight, with the mission of restoring the historic link between jewelry and personal savings. Like his other companies, Totenpass is a marriage of the ancient and the new: in this case, the ancient means of preserving information through the timeless medium of gold with new technologies for imprinting and retrieval.

His passion for natural resources and precious metals enkindled a deep love for history and for truth. Although he never received a formal education, Mr Sebag has become a formidable voice in the field of economics and is also an independent writer and scholar in the field of natural philosophy.

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Digital data and human cooperation are concomitant, powering the exchanges of goods and services society depends on each day. As The Economist recently predicted: The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

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