Totenpass Care Instructions

Totenpass is a permanent digital storage drive made of solid gold and nickel. The drive is impervious to radiation, magnetization, high humidity, and heat.

The data on the drive is represented by multi-dimensional patterns of light refraction on a flat gold surface. In order to best preserve and access your data, we recommend the keep the surface of the Totenpass clean from time to time.

To prepare you’ll need a clean working area with a flat surface, a lint free cloth, a small micro-fiber cloth,and a lens cleaner spray. Lens cleaners and micro-fiber cloths are available in most optical shops or photography stores.

  • Wash and dry your hands.
    Before cleaning your Totenpass, wash your hands thoroughly with lotion-free soap or dish washing liquid. Dry your hands completely with a lint free towel
  • Place a lint free cloth on a flat surface
    Find a flat surface and place the lint free cloth on top. You don’t want to place the card directly on a flat surface because the cards may be difficult to pick up following the cleaning process
  • Place the Totenpass on the lint free cloth and spray the card with the lens cleaner.
    Lens cleaner is a great solution for getting oil and dust off the card. Don’t over spray. One spray on the affected area is enough.
  • Carefully wipe the Totenpass with micro-fiber cloth
    Inspect the micro-fiber cloth to make sure there is no debris on the cloth. Very gently wipe off the spray in a continuous motion. Don’t over wipe.
  • Inspect the Totenpass again
    If any smudges remain, wipe them again with the microfiber cloth before the smudges dry up. Repeat steps 3 to 5 if necessary.
  • Store your card away in the original leather case.
    Handle the card only on its sides and place the card back into the original leather case.

What not to do

Do not use your shirt, blouse or other clothing to clean the Totenpass, especially when dry.

Do not use paper towels, napkins, tissues, or toilet paper. These can scratch or smear and leave the card full of lint.

Do not use other acetone or aggressive solvents. They won’t damage the card, but can dry very quickly and leave a streak.

Do not try to buff away a scratch. This will make it worse.